What to bring with you to your Pilates session

  • Your Pilates mat
  • Water bottle
  • Sweat towel
  • Wear Comfortable clothing


Group Class Booking:

Group class bookings should be managed online (Boxchamp) or via email 24 hours ahead of time. 


All Packages allow for a weekly class limit: 

  • Each class has a booking threshold of 30min.
  • Each class has a cancellation theshold of 12hours to avoid forfeiting your class.
  • 'Make up' sessions should be used within the same week. 
  • In the event of an emergency and agreed upon by both Mint administration and the client, missed appointments can be made up elsewhere during the same month the package was bought. 
  • No sessions can be carried over from one month to the other.


Private Class Bookings:

All bookings are confirmed at the start of each month to ensure that a time slot, studio and instructor has been reserved for you.


You are expected to commit to a ‘set’ time slot each week. Unless otherwise agreed upon by both Mint administration and the client we will not be liable to credit any sessions from one week to another or one month to another. All sessions bought within your package should be used with in the same month. 


All sessions should be cancelled within 24hours. Clients will be charged for all missed appointments or absences with the option of a ‘make-up’ session within the same month. These sessions are not guaranteed but we will try our very best to accommodate you where possible.


Training times and sessions

Private and duet sessions: Weekly/Monthly time slot is reserved a month ahead of time. Unless in the case of an emergency and both agreed upon by the instructor and the client there will be no exception to the calendar month’s notice when ‘giving up’ their time slot and or will no ‘missed appointments’ be credited from one month to the next. 


Group classes:  At Mint Pilates Wellness we require you to have at least 1 assessment session and depending on your condition of health and body awareness, you may require a number of private sessions before we can integrate you into a group class. 



In fairness to all our clients, we keep strictly to session times. We cannot extend your session if you are late. We ask that you arrive in time to change and begin your own gentle warm-up before your session. If you attend a class, please be sure to arrive 5 minutes before the class commences. All appointments last between 45-50minutes.


Termination of training

Except in exceptional circumstances, as agreed by both instructor and client, we require '1 calendar month's’ notice when terminating/downgrading of your training package. We would appreciate everybody's co-operation with this so that we can accurately budget for the month ahead.


Mobile phones

Please leave all mobile phones on Silent, in the locker. Except in the case of emergency, mobile phones are not allowed on the mats. Should you need, under these exceptional circumstances, to bring your mobile phone to the mat, it must be on Silent and answered outside the studio.



Please advise your instructor before commencing your class or session if, for any reason, your ability to exercise has changed or you have taken up a new physical activity that could affect your ability to train. Our technique and exercises are very safe, but, as with all forms of exercise, it is prudent to consult with your doctor before exercising. Our classes and sessions are not a substitute for medical counselling or treatment. So if you have any doubts about your health or exercise abilities, refer to your medical practitioner or enquire through our Biokineticist (Leanne van den Berg) whether it is safe or not to participate in our sessions. If we work with you to rehabilitate injury or illness, we require written consent to perform Pilates from your medical practitioner.



Please note that all fees are payable upfront for the month and due before the 1st of each month. We can only secure your booking on receipt of payment for your full month's fees. 


Please note that sessions cannot be carried over from one month to the other.


All sessions bought within a packages must be used within the same month alternatively we can charge you a "pro-rata" rate.



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